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<strong>We also guarantee rent to Mechanicsville, Charlotte Hall, and Leonardtown.</strong>

As a full service company, AssociatesProperty Management, Inc. provides "turn key" property management -- turn the keys over to us and we have the resources and know-how to transform your property from a worrisome burden into a productive investment! From tenant screening, firm rent collection policies, and full service maintenance, Associates Property Management, Inc. can provide youwith peace of mind when managing your own property is not practical. For a no-obligation consultation or property assessment, please call now. Our friendly staff would be happy to answer anyquestions you may have!

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Less Stress

You'll never have to take another call from a tenant again. We answer all calls from your renters and take care of any issues they may have. We even pay for any replacements up front!

More Freedom

Whether it's Christmas or the Fourth of July, we'll handle anything that may come up at any of your rental properties.

We're Full Service

We take care of everything! Everything from setting gopher traps, to painting walls, and replacing appliance parts. We collect the rent for you, and file all legal paperwork should a tenant deny payment.

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5 Reasons You'll Love Us

We also service Waldorf, La Plata and more... We find qualified renters for you, which includes credit checks.

We also service, Mechanicsville, Charlotte Hall and Leonardtown. We know all the rental housing laws in Maryland and will stand by you with any issues you may have with renters.

We also service Waldorf, La Plata and more...We collect rent and handle any necessary collections from your renters/tenants.

We also cover Mechanicsville, Charlotte Hall, and Leonardtown.We maintain your rental property, so you don't have to. That includes anything upkeep related.

We also cover Bowie, Upper Marlboro, etc.

If anything needs to be fixed (or replaced), we'll pay for the repairs or replacement up front. This way you don't have to worry where the costs will come from.

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We'll balance your properties for you!
We'll balance your properties for you!