6 Reasons You'll Love Having Us!

We know what it’s like to be uh… human? Yes, human. We all have vacations we’d like to take, or family weddings or birthdays we’d like to be at without having to worry about getting called for a broken laundry machine, right? We take all calls from your tenants, and handle anything that needs to be done in and around your property, so you don’t have to.

2.) No more 7:30am or 11:00pm calls

We all need (or at least like) our beauty sleep. If you’ve ever rented out one of your properties, you’re familiar with the wake up call. For whatever reason, your tenant has an issue at an odd hour in the night. Normally, you’re the one who has to answer the call, and fix the issue. Well, once again we take all those calls so you can get to bed without having to worry about an issue with one of your properties.

We work for you, so you don't have to

3.) We handle all legal issues

Anytime paperwork has to be filed for your property on behalf of your tenants, we’ll handle it. You’ll never again have to worry about filing the right paperwork, or driving to the county filing office to deal with the minutia of filing legal paperwork… We’re also up to date with all the landlord-tenant laws in Maryland, because we know keeping up with constantly changing laws is tedious.

4.) Getting the most (money) out of your rentals

We manage and have access to hundreds of properties throughout Maryland, which means we also have access to figuring the most you can charge for rent without worrying about having a vacant house, because the rent is too high. We can find that sweet spot, so you have a “family-filled” house, and you’re making the most (in rent) you can.

5.) No more bad guy, or evictions…

Nobody likes to be the bad guy. This is especially true when you have to be the bad guy to a family that has the ability to determine the health of your property (i.e. whether or not your newly painted walls stay clean). Maybe the renters are watching their brothers 85 lb dog, and you have a “no pets” clause in your rental agreement. We’ll make sure the tenants are aware of the rule, so they don’t end up hating you and “accidentally” spill red wine on the carpet. Sometimes, their deposit isn’t enough incentive to keep your property clean, no?

All that having said, we’ll also handle evictions and all the paperwork involved. Pretty much any situation where you could be the bad guy, we handle for you!

6.) Tired of hearing “The checks in the mail”?

Hopefully by now you realize we’re in this to make your job of renting properties as easy as possible. If you’ve been renting properties for a while, you know collecting rent can be one of the hardest/most awkward parts of having renters… Well, we handle all the rent collections too. Not only do we collect the rent for you, but if the renter is late on making a payment (or stop paying rent), we will start the collection process for you. We’re also going to handle the legal paperwork if needed! Could it get any easier? Let us know by giving us a call.