Frequently Asked Questions

We also service Bowie to Upper MarlboroQ: What if my tenants don’t pay their rent?

A: If rent is not received in our office by the 5th day of the month, a Failure to Pay Rent claim is filed at the District Court, and we appear on your behalf. There is NO ADDITIONAL ATTORNEY FEE for this

Q: What if Associates Property Management, Inc. is paying my mortgage for me and my tenants don’t pay their rent? Does my mortgage still get paid?

A: Yes, Your mortgage gets paid. After the tenant’s court appearance, arrangements can be made for reimbursement to Associates Property Management, Inc. (the important thing is to have your mortgage paid promptly).

Q: What if Associates Property Management, Inc. gets a maintenance call and the damage was caused by the tenant?

A: Our maintenance contractors are always careful to assess any repairs needed and determine if it is tenant damage or normal wear and tear: If it is tenant damage, we take the appropriate steps to insure the tenant pays for the repair.

Q: Are fees paid to your company tax deductible?

A: Yes. All commissions and fees paid are tax deductible. Talk to your accountant for even more benefits.